Gemma Merritt


Fiona Hayden (Fee)

Network General Manager

Current role: Network General Manager since December 2022.

About me: I am a Mum of 6 beautiful children. I grew in up in the wheatbelt of W.A, but have lived all over the place such as Melbourne, Albany and Carnarvon. My hobbies include, Netball, Softball, coaching/umpiring kids sporting games and cooking.

What kind of music I listen to: All sorts, I grew up listening to Country music, 90’s RnB/HipHop and 70s/80/90s Pop, this has shaped my taste in music, I will listen to just about anything. But I can’t go past a good country song.

Why I got into community media: I’ve always wanted to write and tell stories. I love the idea that through community media we can be the voice for the community, giving a local perspective on issues that affect our regions. And more importantly promote positives about First Nations Peoples.


Bernie Gorringe

Content Coordinator

Current role: Content and IT Coordinator since September 2016
About me: I am a Dad of 4 children and a grandad to 9 children with 2 more on the way. I grew up in Perth and left the city when I was 20. I have travelled and lived mainly in country regions.

What kind of music I listen to: Predominantly 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s rock some country and not much else.

Why I got into community media: I love community and being able to share information. Talking to people about their stories. Giving something back to those communities who have helped me. I have been involved in community radio since 2000 and still love the day to day challenges and highlights.

Dianne Gray

MAMA’s Morning Show

Current Role: Senior Broadcaster

About me: Born and raised in Geraldton, Rangeway has been my primary home overall. I’m 58 years of age and have travelled extensively throughout the Midwest region over my lifetime both professionally and personally. I am a Mother of 1 and Nannie of 4 and cherish this time of my life. I believe in life long learning and see the gaining of knowledge as a way for us to take advantage of more options and opportunities that come our way. Health and social and emotional wellbeing are interests of mine.

What kind of music I listen to: All genres, music has been a constant in my life since birth. I grew up on folk, country, rock n roll and Count Down. My music taste is very diverse, a testament to the influence of my family, growing up in the 60s, 70s, 80s and the power of Radio.

Why I got into community media: Coming from a background in education, health, welfare and law, community education via community radio just makes sense. In 2010 I was looking to do something different, when a “traineeship” at Radio MAMA became available. I took a leap of faith and seem to have land on my feet where I have hosted MAMAs Morning Show for the past 13 years.

Matty Anderson


Colin Campbell

MAMA Sings Da Blues

Wayne Bynder

“Back on the Horse Breakfast”

Breakfast Broadcaster

About me: The philosophy I follow is to do with respect and continuous learning. Be respectful to other people and be always ready to learn.
Born into a large southwest Aboriginal family where my growing up years were around Perth and further south. I have enjoyed several decades working and learning in remote regional areas of the Kimberley and in the Northern Territory. I live in Geraldton and just love the Midwest.

What kind of music I listen to: I grew up listening to all sorts of music. I do love funk and soul.

Why I got into community media: Community media gave me a chance to tell my story and share my thoughts. I enjoy assisting our First Nations People find their voice.

Malcolm Walalgie

“MAMA’s Lunch Break”

Dane Waters

Health Communication Resources

Celeste Larkins

Health Communication Resources

Tara Jones

Admin & Sales Assistant

About Myself: I am a mother of 3 Children, I come from a small town by the name of Mingenew. My interests and hobbies are watching AFL footy, playing netball and basketball and enjoy watching my family play various sports and encouraging them through their learning and everyday life.

Music: Well, I listen to wide range but just not Heavy Metal or Jazz.
As of my Role at Radio MAMA I do administration but have helped and attended some outside broadcasts that I have enjoyed.
I really enjoy my work environment and colleagues here at Radio MAMA.

Cody Stafford

Technical Support

About me: I was born and have lived in Geraldton most of my life. My hobbies include playing Pool, Skateboarding and listening to music.

What kind of music I listen to: I listen to everything really, but mostly enjoy rock/blues.

Why I got into community media: The thought of travelling, seeing new places and hearing new stories! I love the idea of community radio because it helps to strengthen ties and build awareness of common values, challenges and solutions within the community.