It seemed as if the development of the vaccine against COVID-19, the disease which became a global pandemic in 2020, happened overnight. However there is a long history behind the vaccine which saves lives and will prevent you from hospitalisation, getting sicker and having long COVID—despite the myths telling you otherwise.

Misinformation about the vaccine however has spread and disinformation—when false information is deliberately circulated—has contributed to deaths, medical staff fatigue, overrun hospitals with COVID patients needing intensive care, border closures, and the disproportionate death rates of Indigenous peoples around the world.

In the U.S. the vast majority of misinformation grew from 12 powerful people and organisations according to a report by the Center for Countering Digital Hate. Social media companies are also failing to regulate misinformation where purely emotional appeals, doctored photos and videos, self-proclaimed experts, fake websites and coordinated disinformation attacks are the norm. 10s of millions of people are being influenced by vaccine misinformation and as we all know, misinformation and disinformation have no borders.

Disinformation includes fake cures, which have no scientific evidence behind them. Unfortunately due to the nature of COVID-19 being an airborne disease, whose latest variants are highly contagious, more natural medicines, which may work for other illnesses and ailments, will not prevent or cure COVID-19.

The Roll Up For WA website is a source where you can do a search for the most convenient vaccine clinic for you and your loved ones. The site will also give you different facts about the various groups who can get vaccinated so particular questions can be answered there.

The vaccine is the one of the best protections we have to protect our communities, families and ourselves.

Have a read of this graph with some facts on the vax taken from Roll Up for WA.